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What is supporter shareholder?

Supporter shareholder is the shareholder who supports the growth of 4Cs HD.


“4Cs supporters’ square”

This page is themed on four-lead clovers which bring you a happy feeling, so that shareholders who visited this page can share bouncing and happy feeling with us.
We aim at the place which can make you happier.


4Cs HD is
built on supports of shareholders.


With a mission to promote bouncing lifestyles and make people happy,
and a philosophy to Create and Cherish Customers while making a Contribution to society,
we send Significant information Speedily for customers’ Satisfaction.
We appreciate your continuing support for our business.


【Future projects】

・E-mail newsletter to notify you of disclosed information, new products of group companies, and news as soon as possible

・Issue coupons available at group companies

・Notice about development status of products limited for shareholders

・Information about monitoring, etc.