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From the representative

4Cs Holding was established and listed in TSE’s Mothers in 2003, then changed to TSE 2nd section in 2015. With a mission to promote bouncing lifestyles and make people happy, and a philosophy to Create and Cherish Customers while making a Contribution to society, the whole staff will act as a unit to dash forward. In the first year of medium-term management plan, this year’s important issues and measures are expanding business overseas and M&A. We belong to cosmetic and healthy food industries but are still behind other companies in overseas expansion and development. First, we will develop business in Asia and sow seeds of success after repeating try and error. We also actively promote M&A under the philosophy that “Company is environment adaptive”. Primarily focusing on business recovery, we will show all the stakeholders including employees a distinct shift.

Yoshimi Tendo, the CEO of 4Cs Holdings Co.,Ltd.

Board members

Yoshimi Tendo
Board director
Masahiko Tsuchida
Outside director
Ryuji Sato
Outside director
Takuya Nakagawa
Full-time auditor
Kazuaki Ooki
Outside auditor
Wataru Onizuka
Outside auditor
Takaaki Hirose