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From the representative

 The 22st period (the fiscal year ending September 2024) started from October 2023. Thank you for supporting our company. With the protracted COVID-19 pandemic, the communication business focused on existing cosmetic mail-order business posted operating profit for the first time in five years, and the cosmetic wholesale business centered on drug stores posted operating profit for the first time in three years in the previous period. However, the retail business that runs Aroma Bloom which we acquired two periods before and the hygiene consulting business operated by HACCP JAPAN Co., Ltd. failed to become profitable and ended in current account deficit as a whole, although the deficit became smaller. In this period, we will operate businesses related to beauty and health both domestically and globally on a slogan “4S mission – Speed, Spread (expand business domain, gain higher viewpoint), Satisfaction (of employees, customers, clients), Solution (for problems)” to certainly achieve current account surplus.

The CEO of 4Cs HD Co.,Ltd.

Board members

Yoshimi Tendo
Tomomi Terada
Board director
Hirohiko Matsuno
Board director
Marie Nishimura
Outside director
Mitsuaki Tachikawa
Outside director
Masahumi Kamiya
Outside director
Taku Teramae
Full-time auditor
Masanori Uehata
External auditor
Wataru Onizuka
External auditor
Yujiro Itagaki