For investors FAQ

About our company

When was the company established?

We were established on December 5, 2003 , as a holding company of Site Design Co., Ltd.

What is your business lineup like?

To develop business of “beauty”, “health” and “healing”, we operate mail-order and wholesale of cosmetics and healthy food, retail and wholesale of aroma goods, along with hygiene consulting and sale, wholesale and inspection business of hygiene related products in cooperation with group companies.

About business performance

Where can I check financial closing information?

Please check here.
We submit summary of financial results to the Tokyo Share Exchange quarterly about one month after the end of the quarter, and post the result on our website.

Where can I see other IR materials?

Please refer to IR library for IR materials (information session materials, business reports, asset securities reports).

Can you tell me the schedule of financial result announcement?

Please refer to IR calendar.

About shares

What is the security code?

The security code is “3726”. Our company is listed with 2nd section of the Tokyo Share Exchange.

When is the accounting period?

The end of September.

When is shareholders' meeting held?

The annual meeting of shareholders will be held in December. Please refer to IR calendar.

Can you tell me total number of share issued?

Please refer to share / shareholder information.

Who is the shareholder registry administrator?

Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd.


Who I should contact for inquiries regarding IR?

4Cs Holdings Co.,Ltd. IR department
Phone number: 092-720-5460
Please E-mail us from here.