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Sustainability-minded management

“Sustainability” means being able to continue for a long time, and “Sustainability-minded management” is the management to connect with those who relate to the philosophy, even if it would not boost near-term revenues. We make organizational efforts to create long-term benefits, satisfying needs of present generation without deteriorating capability to satisfy future generation.

Sustainability in companies has three aspects:

  • 【financial and governance aspect】 Being able to maintain steady supply of products and services
  • Environmental aspect】 Focus on saving the environment in manufacturing process and other areas.
  • 【Social aspect】 CSR activities and efforts for employees

Focusing on those three aspect will result in fulfillment of our social responsibility.

1. Ensuring adequate compliance and strengthening governance

Our goal is to make each employee, customer, business partner, shareholder, and stakeholder happy. In order to realize sound management and corporate culture suited to today’s needs, we ensure compliance and enhance corporate governance, aiming to long-lasting and constructive corporate management.

2. Diversified and constructive business development

Under the philosophy of “environment adaptive business”, we engage in new business which fit the times while keeping an eye out for new information, not just focusing on present business.

3. Growth ability with a sense of speed

We actively utilize M&A as one of the ways to enhance company value. We also open up foreign sales channels of current subsidiary companies and organize the system to take exhibit a synergy effect while utilizing know-how.