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This website ( (hereinafter collectively called “Website”) is managed and operated by4Cs Holdings Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter collectively called “Company”). Please read the following terms and use Website only after you agrees these terms. By accessing Website and viewing webpages, you are agreeing to be bound by these terms.

Company shall respect the right to limit Website viewer’s privacy and information sharing in Website within those customers provided at their wishes.

Website may use customers’ personal information coming from registration form, application form, inquiry E-mail for marketing, promotion, customer service, and recruitment, but shall not disclose customers’ personal information to third parties for other purposes deliberately.

Information may be transferred to department or person in charge to review or check the contents of inquiries.

About link

Third parties’ websites are linked to Website for customer’s convenience, but Company does not control such websites. Company shall not be liable for compensation for handling of personal information provided by customers at link destination. In addition, Company does neither recommend nor express anything about the contents of linked websites.


Information in Website is protected by copyright law, treaties, and other laws. The followings or any other acts similar to them.

  • ・Private use of information contained on Website without prior written consent of Company, or use, reproduction, deletion, modification, licensing, sale, or publication as shown below.
  • ・Act of causing or likely to cause loss or damage to Company or third parties.
  • ・Act of defaming or damaging credit of Company or third parties.
  • ・False declaration or notification like registering third-party’s E-mail address
  • ・Act of violating or likely to violate laws, regulations, or ordinances.
  • ・Act which is (likely to) contrary to public policy.

Copyright and other rights

Rights concerning the contents of Website belong to Company. Therefore, unauthorized use or reproduction of all the contents of Website is prohibited.


All trademarks used on Website are owned or licensed by Company. Unauthorized use of these trademarks is prohibited according to the license.