Business lineup

Retail cosmetic business

We operate three brands “FAVORINA”, “FINE VISUAL”, and “ANYTHINGWHITE” for mail-order cosmetics and healthy food business and EC commerce.
In-house contact center is established to offer items corresponding to each customer’s demand and provide more effective use of items directly. Additionally, we actively work on wholesale to mass retailor in the domestic and overseas markets, joining limited-time-only shop, and overseas business to find new distribution channels other than mail-order business.

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Aromatherapy business

We run directly managed shops of “Aroma Bloom”, a lifestyle product shop to offer aroma and relaxation for your life.
We also plan and develop various aromatherapy products and natural cosmetics and sell them in directly managed shops, as well as deploying them to select shops across the nation and through e-commerce.

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Cosmetic wholesale business

Cure Co.,Ltd.

We sell cosmetics and sundries wholesale and has international operations. Its products are available at about 13,000 drug stores and variety stores across the country.
We make personal visits to customers on a nationwide scale to directly deliver our products, in addition to wholesale of products.

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Hygiene consulting business


The Law to Partially Amend the Food Sanitation Law promulgated on June 13, 2018, requests all the food business operators to take necessary sanitary precautions according to HACCP. Customers are getting more concerned about food safety because of issue of food waste.
As for food inspection service business, we sell a fluorescent image measurement apparatus for microbe “BACTESTER” to restaurants as well as developing inspection service for restaurant using “BACTESTER”.

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4Cs HD

RecruitmentWe will change people’s lifestyle.
We are recruiting colleagues to pursue “excitement” with us.