Business lineup

Wholesale business

4Cs HD Co., Ltd.

We sell cosmetics, healthy foods, and aromatherapy related items to mass merchandisers like drug stores and variety stores domestically and abroad, as well as selling at stores. We sell not only wholesale but also visit customers nationwide to deliver products directly.

As for aromatherapy related items, we started corporate marketing and now we are widening sales.

Retail business

4Cs HD Co., Ltd.

Based on the concept of “Personal advisers will bring you healing and peace of mind, we operate company-owned lifestyle-theme store “Aroma Bloom” focused on aromatherapy that corresponds to customers’ troubles and life scenes mainly in the Kanto area of Japan”.

The stores offer essential oils of more than sixty types, which are all extracted from natural materials like flowers, stems, and tree bark. As synthetic perfume is not used, you can enjoy fresh smell of material itself. We also sell items which you can use daily like hand creams and herb teas.

Mail order business

4Cs HD Co., Ltd.

At the in-company call center, phone operators called “Personal trainer” to exclusively support customers’ beauty and health sell cosmetics, healthy foods, and aromatherapy related items by phone. We also sell at own web site and mall.
We also started telephone business service from December 2022.

Outbound telephone service

iiy Co., Ltd.

iiy Co., Ltd. develops and sells original products utilizing market unique research methods and deploys three brands, “CharmMakeBody”, “Omahit”, and “RhinoWolf”.

Brand range

Hygiene consulting business


HACCP is initial letters of “Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point”. To put it briefly, it is detecting potential hazards in food production process like food poisoning bacteria and determine the reliable way to control high-risk hazard and manage the process.

. In Japan, food-related businesses which manufacture, process, cook, sell foods are obliged to adopt HACCP since June 2020 (Full enforcement from June 2021). Our subsidiary HACCP JAPAN Co.,Ltd. sells and inspects BACTESTER (fluorescent image measurement apparatus for microbe), sells space sterilization device and conducts HACCP certification consultation domestically and abroad.

web site

4Cs HD

RecruitmentWe will change people’s lifestyle.
We are recruiting colleagues to pursue “excitement” with us.