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Human resources sought by 4Cs Holdings

  • A person with a sense of speed Trends and needs of the world are ever-changing. Business requires a sense of speed to respond to them.
  • A person who enjoys working It’s up to you whether to feel that overcoming barriers is trouble or to see a significant growth opportunity in barriers. Changing your thinking to positive will produce happiness and results.
  • A person who thinks and act by oneself Working actively on everything (not only waiting to receive instructions) leads to your growth.
  • A person who loves something new Be wired in various topics and keep looking for “exciting things”
  • A person who takes the challenge Don’t think, just do it! Step forward with courage to expand your possibility.

Voices of staff

Natsumi Sakai【Finance Department of 4Cs Holdings Co.,Ltd.】Joined in 2017

Joined 4Cs Holdings in midway through her career in 2017. She is 31 years old and lives with her husband and a son who is almost two years old. She enjoys reading comics. Motto is “Patience wins out in the end”.

Having moved to Fukuoka after getting married, I found this company where I can make use of my accounting background. The first impression of this company when I joined was “small but highly capable”. I was surprised to see that the number of staff is less than I expected, but I found that each staff has own task and works with responsibility. Now, staff numbers up but this company is still “small but highly capable”, and I’m doing my best to be one of “highly capable”. In the Finance Department, I am in charge of overall finance operations including subsidiaries. My rule at work is “Just try it”. If it works, it increases self-confidence. Even it fails, I can think about how to work it out. Trying something leads to my growth, so I always say to myself, “Just try it!” I took maternity leave and childcare leave. As many women work in our group companies, you can take maternity leave and childcare leave without hesitation. As it was ensured that I could come back to work after maternity and childcare leave, I used care leave system comfortably. Other staff said to me “We’ll wait here for you!”, and I appreciated their thought. I felt this company has positive and warm attitude to taking childcare leave! 4Cs Company gives you opportunities for what you want to do. Are you a highly motivated person? Let’s work with us!
Hirofumi Sugahara 【Chief of Sales Department of Cure Co.,Ltd.】Joined in 2014

Joined Cure in midway through his career in 2014. 31 years old and the youngest boy of four brothers. Loves badminton (playing for 20 years) and movie watching. Motto is “Persistence pays off”.

I used to do a job related to electricity in Aichi and moved to Tokyo because of badminton. I joined Cure as a part-time worker, and I thought it was a makeshift job. Actually, I was hardly interested in and knew little of cosmetics until then, but I got captivated by our products as I worked on, then became a full employee. Our Sales Department conducts business negotiations with wholesalers, drug stores and variety shops, as well as traveling to stores for maintenance of selling spaces and sharing information about popular items. I get a charge from developing trust between person in charge of transaction through communication, and prominently displaying products in a large space. I think working on difficult proposal in doing business developed “leverage to get through”. I have a busy schedule but looking for “Senbero” (a bar where you can get drunk for 1,000 yen) is refreshing for me. (LOL) The most memorable moment in my career was being charged with concept design, product development, and overall marketing and promotion of the new brand which I planned and promoted. I’m excited at planning to grow this brand and products to increase sales. In the future, I want to develop many people and become an executive who plays a pivotal role in the company using this experience. Or I want to create a new department and work on a worldwide level!
Maki Kanemura【Tokyo LABO of HACCP JAPAN Co., Ltd.】Joined in 2019

Joined HACCP JAPAN in midway through her career in 2019. 34 years old and the oldest daughter with a younger brother, having a family of four. Enjoys traveling and visiting restaurants. Favorite word is “love and thankfulness”.

HACCP JAPAN is a young company and deals in products which are less known and with high novelty. I decided to join this company because I was wanting to join to start up a company. I wanted to enjoy creating a market and engaging in business growth, which will lead self-growth. My basic task is development of new customers. We take part in trade show related to food regularly and introduce our bacteriological testing apparatus “BACTESTER” to make a list of potential customers and do business activities. Our agency sometimes requests to accompany potential customers and makes inquiries, so we do follow-ups to conclude agreements and train new sales staff. Our customers are professionals who conduct quality control in food industry, so I study basic knowledge of food industry and bacteriological testing every day. Since I started working here, I became more aware of food poisoning news and always share such information with my colleagues. Our workplace is “open” and I keep up with what is happening with matters which other sales people are responsible for, so I always share information and give them some advice on how to approach so that they can seal the contract. HACCP JAPAN is an upstart venture company, but I think promoting our bacteriological testing apparatus “BACTESTER” around the food industry secretly supports food safety and it is a challenging job. I want to work with people who gain knowledge and insight by oneself, who take the initiative on engaging in staff, agency, and customers, and who have information transmission capability. Why don’t you pioneer a new market with us?
Shinya Koga【Chief of Third Sales Division of Favorina Co., Ltd.】Joined in 2007

Joined Favorina in midway through his career in 2007. Enjoys cooking and eating with neighbors. Lives with his wife, a shy and kind seven-year-old son, and an active and precocious five-year-old daughter. He is proud of skin which makes him look younger than his age. (He is 43 years old.)

I have been working here for more than ten years, and the first impression of this company is elegance and grace. At first, I worked in the Marketing Department, then transferred to the Sales Department, and now work at the Third Sales Division to promote new businesses and engage in sales planning for sales expansion of B to B and overseas channels. I often take part in corporate-wide projects and inspired by collaborating with members of group companies whom I haven’t been involved with. Among various operations, I feel happy to see our customers becoming more beautiful and healthier by using our products. By the way, my wife also uses our products, and her friends always say to her, “You look so young!”. (LOL) You can’t work alone, so helping one another is very important, not hustling by oneself. I have learned that even if I failed, being ready to take on a challenge matters. I feel that I myself have grown up with this company. The motto of the company is to “promote bouncing lifestyles”, which leads contribution to company and society. As customers can’t be bracketed simply, our task is to give individualized and detailed advice and to provide them with “excitement”. I’m looking forward to working with matured and enthusiastic men and women!


Employee shareholding association, stock option system Qualification reward system
Congratulation or condolence leave, maternity leave, childcare leave, nursing leave, short-time work for childcare and nursing care (Rate of childcare leave:94.7%, Return rate of staff who took childcare leave:100%, Rate of short-time work for parents of pre-school children:94.7% ※Actual figure for 2019) New employee training, stratified education training, training based on job classification
Employment insurance, worker’s accident insurance, health insurance, employee pension insurance Awards system (each company’s MVP, etc.)
Regular health examination, subsidy for flu vaccination Presentation meeting for management policy, gathering of staff of group companies
Opportunity announcement system, job rotation system etc. Travel expenses system, congratulatory or condolence payments system

Recruitment guidelines (for new graduates)

Application requirements ・A person who is expected to graduate in March 2022, or has scholastic ability equivalent to such person ・A person within three years after graduation at the end of March 2022 ※ After joining the company, you may be assigned to each office of 4Cs Holdings.
Place of work Tokyo or Fukuoka
Work time 9:30 – 18:30 ※ Eight-hour day (varies for companies) Shift work (late shift) depending on kind of work
Salary 194,000 yen or more ※ Overtime pay is not included.
Holidays ・Holiday: complete five-day workweek system ※On the week when Saturday is one of working days, another working day will be off depending on job type. ※Holiday work may occur due to business. ・Holidays: Summer holiday, New Year’s holiday, paid holiday, congratulation or condolence leave
Benefits Commuting costs, overtime pay, holiday work allowance, travel allowance, position allowance, incentive (percentage pay, varies for job type)
Bonus Twice a year (performance-based bonus) ※During the first year of employment, a bonus is given six month after joining the company
Trial period Three month in principle

Recruitment guidelines (mid-career employment)

For mid-career employment, please make inquiries using the contact form. As for company information, please refer to the websites shown below.